Consoles And Relays

Organ console reconditioning takes special care. At Foley-Baker, we have carefully reconditioned historic consoles as well as fit others with all new electronic switching systems.

0323-st-marks-episcopal-cathedral-organ-minneapolis-mnModern electronic switching systems provide many desirable features for today’s organists. The capabilities of systems installed by Foley-Baker include multi-level combination action, record/playback functions, MIDI, automatic transposing and a wide array of other options. Each system is meticulously hand-wired, organized, and labeled to make for easy and quick service in the future.


Although every piece of an organ should shine, consoles are particularly important from a visual standpoint. Refinishing and reconditioning a console requires special attention to wood type, grain orientation, color, etc. Foley-Baker’s team of refinishers can take even the most weathered consoles and make them like new again.


Foley-Baker has also built custom practice consoles for clients. These smaller consoles are spartan in their design, but are much more portable than their full-size counterparts.

Christ Church, Red Hook, Relay Upgrade

First Congregational Church, Chatham Console and Relay Upgrade