St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN

Foley-Baker is honored to have been selected to completely rebuild the Cathedral’s Chancel pipe organ. The instrument started life in 1928 as Welte-Tripp Opus 258. Throughout the ensuing decades, it was modified tonally and mechanically, culminating with a new console in 1990.

The flurry of change would have seen most organs lose their identity; however when tonally analyzed, it became evident that the surviving Welte pipe work still flavored the organ’s overall impact. It was certainly worthy of retaining as a base for an all new instrument that will has a voice of its own, albeit with the Welte flavor that has always seasoned its sound.

Work took 16 months and included removal of the entire instrument to our Tolland shops.

Included was:

  • A totally new layout of the organ that assured excellent sound projection and good service access.
  • An all new Chassis with special, high pressure slider chests, custom built by Organ Supply Industries of Erie, PA.
  • The original triple exhaust Spencer Blower and its 15 h.p. S.A. Woods motor, were completely rebuilt.
  • New chamber walls were built of double-ply ¾” MDF and the original, industrial strength Welte shades reused to create super-expressive enclosed divisions.
  • The special, low profile c: 1990 Schantz console was modified to accommodate the division layouts and a new state of the art switching system.

The entire project was completed in April of 2012. A wonderful inaugural program on May 19th featured a special concert of organ, soloists and choirs all conducted by Ray Johnston, the Cathedral’s Canon Musician.

Click here to view the organ’s complete specification.