First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, MA Extension

The First Church of Christ, Scientist is home to the largest Skinner; Foley-Baker was commissioned to recondition this 235 rank instrument in the late 1990s. Work took four years and required removal of most of the organ from the building.

  • Every piece of leather was replaced.
  • Every pipe removed, washed and re-collared.
  • All reeds were rebuilt
  • Every foot of board lumber was cleaned and refinished
  • All valves were replaced
  • Upgrades were made to the existing SSOS relay system
  • The 30 horsepower Spencer blower’s motor was removed and rebuilt

Despite the magnificent, original specification the organ had become the victim of tonal tampering to the point that many stops were beyond salvaging. Under the direction of Lawrence Phelps, who had designed the organ in 1952, every mechanical and tonal detail was addressed.

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