Calvary Presbyterian Church, Newburgh, NY

This unique instrument, the design of Ernest M. Skinner, was installed new at Calvary Presbyterian in 1937.  The gift of Harriet Emigh Brown, widow of Judge Charles F. Brown, the organ was dedicated in a special concert by noted NYC organist, T. Tertious Noble on Saturday, December 4th of that year.   The instrument provided music for all liturgical events and services for the next 83 years.

In the early morning hours of March 5, 2020, the instrument was inundated with smoke due to a large fire in the adjoining parish house.  The organ’s placement, high in the rear gallery of the church building, made it nearly a target for heavy amounts of smoke from the fire.  Its thousands of perishable parts were all affected.

Foley-Baker removed the instrument in 2021 for complete rebuilding. All pipes were thoroughly cleaned and repaired, all chests refinished, and the console fitted with a new, solid-state relay system. Work was completed in June 2022.

Special thanks to Luke Pontifell!