Mike Foley

Mike Foley is the President and founder of Foley-Baker, Inc. As head of the company since 1968, Michael has developed a reputation in the organ world as a man with a true passion for the instrument.

Michael McKeever

Michael McKeever is the Vice President of Foley-Baker, Inc. and one of its top technicians and tuners. Starting at FBI in 1992, Michael has proven himself as an attentive salesman with a talent for organ diagnosis and repair.

Milovan Popovic

Milovan Popovic is Foley-Baker’s voicer and tonal director. A graduate of Westminster Choir College with a degree in organ performance, Milovan came to Foley-Baker in 2004 and has proven himself as one of the top voicers in the country.

Douglas McKeever

Doug McKeever is Foley-Baker’s field operations director. Joining the company in 2001, Doug originally handled all tuning and repair work in the Long Island area, but now oversees all of Foley-Baker’s organ removals and installations. Doug’s work ethic means every job finishes on time and under budget.

Michael Sutcliffe

Mike Sutcliffe is Foley-Baker’s general manager. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Mike handles Foley-Baker’s finances and strategy while still finding time to tune in the field.

James Bennett

James Bennett is Foley-Baker’s shop foreman and top drafter. Jim was previously the chest room foreman and factory superintendent at Austin Organs before making to switch to FBI in 2008. He works to ensure shop work is completed on time while maintaining quality workmanship. Jim has a degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Massachusetts.

Chris Walton

Chris Walton is one of Foley-Baker’s top technicians and tuners. Joining the company in 1996, Chris’ passion for trackers, and indeed all keyboard instruments, have made him a valuable resource in the shop as well as the field.

David DeBlois

David DeBlois is one of Foley-Baker’s top leathering technicians. David started at FBI in 1997 and his superbly leathered reservoirs are a testament to the skills he has developed over the years. He is also one of FBI’s top tuning technicians.

Bruce Racz

Bruce Racz is one of Foley-Baker’s top leathering technicians. Starting in 1992, Bruce has established himself as one of the top leather specialists in the industry. He is also one of FBI’s top tuning technicians.

Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer is Foley-Baker’s console and electronics specialist. Starting his career in 1981 at Peebles-Herzog, Mark’s attention to detail and extensive knowledge of wiring and relay systems make FBI’s consoles genuine showpieces.

Cheryl Parrott

Cheryl Parrott is FBI’s bookkeeper. With a keen eye for detail, Cheryl ensures that not a penny is wasted at Foley-Baker.

Michelle Racz

Michelle Racz is FBI’s office manager. Starting in 2011, Michelle manages FBI’s rigorous seasonal tuning schedules.

Austin Storo

Austin Storo is a leather technician at Foley-Baker. Starting in 2014, Austin is skilled in releathering all sorts of pneumatics that pass over his bench.

Karl Krivanec

Karl Krivanec is a console technician and woodworker at Foley-Baker. Karl’s knowledge of circuit board design and machining allows Foley-Baker to add an array of custom electronics to our console designs.

Brian DeBlois

Brian DeBlois is an installation technician at FBI. Always ready to hop on a plane, Brian assists with all major installation projects. He is also one of FBI’s tuning technicians.